As part of a full-service design process, I am experienced in guiding clients through the design and construction of their project from beginning to end. Not all projects are the same, but those that are the most successful and enjoyable look a lot like this:


Think of this like a first date. It’s a fantastic, no strings opportunity to see if I would be a good fit for your project. We usually meet at the project site and talk about goals and ideas, and I do a lot of sketching and gesturing with my hands. At the end of a couple of hours, we usually have some really promising ideas, and you have an idea if you would like to hire me. If you would, then…


If there is an existing house that we are adding on to or renovating, I come back out and measure and photograph it. I take those back and draw up the existing spaces on the computer, as well as conduct a first round of zoning and code research as it pertains to your project.  After a few weeks, we meet again, with the accurate drawings in hand and review the ideas we had at the consultation.




A great design process explores multiple options early and often. I like to present 2-3 schemes for clients to review at this initial design phase. Typical presentation tools are plan and elevation drawings, and sometimes 3d models or sketches.  We usually pull ideas from all the schemes and refine them to one preferred scheme as we move forward into Design Development…

Here is where the rubber meets the road! We take our preferred scheme and explore it in more drawings and details. This is also a good time for us to start to delineate materials and other selections that affect cost, and obtain some preliminary pricing from local builders. Once a builder is selected, I like to have them on board and a part of the process so we can take full advantage of their expertise!